Want More Time? Say No More Often!

We often say yes to everything that is “offered” to us. We fear that if we don’t, people will not like us, stop inviting us to experiences or events, stop talking to us, may be seen as not dedicated enough at work… and the list goes on.

But we are here to tell you.

Let all that go.

Because if you want more time and time to spend on the things that matter to you most, the best solution is to say NO.


Now say it with me - “N-O.”

No is a magical word. It sets you free and allows you to be more in control and selective over what you do with your most limited resource- time. Time is the only thing you don’t get back.

Therefore its imperative to guard it and use it wisely.

Also, by saying no, believe it or not, you become more productive because you are working on quality of work rather than everything thrown at you (and I know EVERYTHING will be thrown at you, after all you are a mom).


How do you say NO?


“I would have loved to help, but currently I’m booked that week.”

Without fear.

Say - “Thanks for the invite/ request/ opportunity but I am not available or interested.

Swaping one thing for another.

“I’m not able to run the committee, but I am able to help with X.”

Now, of course saying NO is a hard thing to do.

Oh, we know. But we know that with practice you will become an expert “NOer”.

And you will feel amazing!

For more ideas and tactics on how to say no… here is the “Say No” Guide. Download it now.