The Power Of Being


The Power of Being

Questions to Ask to Start Celebrating Yourself

I am a strong believer in self-help. I do it all the time and have guided myself throughout my journey with the understanding of helping or “fixing” myself to “become a better person.”

However, as time has passed by and I’ve gotten wiser, I’ve realized that I don’t have to fix myself to “become a better person.” In reality what I have to do is quite the opposite - to start accepting myself (some call it embracing your authenticity- although there are many description of what authenticity truly means- more on that in another episode).

But by accepting myself - my foundation of who I am (with my flaws, my mistakes, my quirks, etc), of who Gd made me to be, I am unlocking my power and truly starting to become a better version of me (instead of what I think should be me).

You see, when we are on a “fixing” journey, we do it with the intention of changing ourselves and what we think should be our true self. Mind you we do this through someone else’s journey and many external input, which most of the time may not be the best for us.

In this episode I am discussing the power of being my (your) raw self. I also provide the questions to ask to truly start celebrating yourself vs. fixing yourself.

I hope you enjoy it!!!

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