Questions to Ask Your Pre-Teen to Connect & Feel Heard

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I had the pleasure of interviewing my son, Adrian. He is 12 years old and is wise beyond his years. With his help and guidance we dive into the questions to ask any pre-teen in order to make them feel heard and empowered.

It was a fun interview and not only did he provide questions, but he also provides ways to truly listen and connect with your pre-teen (because as we all know it is not easy at times).

Listen in and enjoy every minute of it!

And as always here is the one sheet on the questions that you should ask your pre-teen.



Questions to Ask - How to Become a Solo TRAVELER....


Stephanie Gomes is a solo traveler who has traveled to 27+ countries!  She used to work at a Fortune 500 company as an Account Executive, and then after serendipitous events, and asking deep-rooted questions she decided to give her two weeks notice to travel the world.  

Stephanie will inspire you to believe in your dream and follow your bliss. I guarantee you! :-) Listen to her story and learn what questions to ask before you decide to give your two weeks notice, become a solo traveler, and navigate being a solo traveler. Interview from InspirationaLatinos

Also, don't forget to download Stephanie's Solo Traveling One Sheet, AND her one sheet recapping her questions to ask yourself. 

Enjoy your listening! 



Click here to get stephanie's travel resource One sheet  Pic Credit- @gypsy.poet

Click here to get stephanie's travel resource One sheet

Pic Credit- @gypsy.poet