How to Know You Are Walking Your Own Path?

No matter what journey you are currently at make sure that you have chosen it and it’s yours alone.


Let go of the other paths that you see everywhere else, or the ones that people encourage you to go through.

You are the master (along w/ Gds grace) of where you are going, and path. 

And if you are stuck and saying, I don’t know where to go next or what is my path, ask these questions to get unstuck:


1) What is the one thing that makes my heart skip beyond my family and friends? 

2) Imagine you are rich and have unlimited resources- what is the perfect day for me? What am I doing? Who am I with? And why?  

3)  What is the one job/ thing that I will not get tired of doing even if I am 75 years old?

I know for sure, right now, that this is what will make me get up from bed with a smile at 75 years old.

Asking these questions will give you a glimpse of the path you are to take and one that will fulfill you no matter what may come your way.  

Also, keep in mind that there is no right or wrong answer. All answers are correct because they are truly yours, and only you have the key to unlock the door of your path.