How to Embrace Change

Whether you like it or not, change is constant, inevitable and certain.

It is the one thing that you can rely on.

Many people are afraid of change
because of the unknown it brings
because of how hard it can be
because of how much it can make us realize who we truly are. 

But change, although scary, can be an exhilarating, life-altering catalyst.  Without it, we will stay stagnant and not be able to survive.

Think about it… Change is the foundation of evolution, industrious advancements, revolutions, and everything that the we stand on & for.  

So how do you embrace it, and make peace with it?

By challenging the very thought of how you view change. By making it your BFF. Your everyday way of living.

When you see changes happening, move towards them - not against them. Allow it to happen with open arms by telling yourself:

" I'm ready for what may come. It’s going to be good. I will learn and grow from this."   

By making this simple statement, you are changing your mindset and embracing change as a positive.

To put into perspective, let’s say that you are dealing with downsizing at work or you have a new boss with new strategies and vision.

Instead of fighting it and going into this negative tailspin of why this is not good for you or the company (which at the end will not get you anywhere, except being bitter and perhaps having to leave), allow yourself to feel scared at that moment, to ask the questions that you need to ask to understand the situation fully and as objectively as possible, and then tell yourself,

Ok. This may be a new way of doing things,I'm ready for what may come.  I will learn and grow from this, and I know, it’s going to be good".”

Try something that scares you everyday. 

Eleanor T. Roosevelt was right: by doing one thing everyday that scares you or is new, you will be more apt to the changes in your lives. Your brain will understand that change is a friend. It will not resist it as much or have a problem with anything that may come and is different. It will accept it as its normal.

And don’t think that the changes have to be big.  No.  They can be as small as walking through a different route each morning, or as risk taking as bunjee jumping once a month. 

Prepare yourself for any challenges that may come.

Where there is change, there are challenges. To prepare and feel at ease with what may come, prepare yourself with

-a career coach that will hold you accountable in staying positive

-go back to school, or read up on what you need to know about what is to come

-build a network of support in which you can vent to and discuss any gripes you may have (but keep it to a minimum of 1 per week) and then let it go as soon as you say it.

By doing these simple strategies you’ll be able to embrace your inner change master and make it your friend. 



Change is my friend.